Lavender Holy-field

One of my favorite herbs and flowering plant is Lavender. This is a beautiful flowering herb that I have used for years in many different aspects in my home. Lavender is most known for it’s perfume but it has so many benefits beyond just its wonderful fragrance. Please note I am no doctor. I just enjoy Lavender and this is what I use for me and my family. Its good to do your research before starting to use anything new.

lav 2

Lavender for the body

Lavender is lovely and an aromatic herb is prized for being anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.  The smell has a soothing effect on the brain, lavender can have the same calming effects when taken internally.


I use lavender oil for cracked skin. It can also be used for burns.


I use oil and herb for calming. I inhale the oil on a steamed washcloth or on a herb satchels. This also helps with sleeplessness and anxiety .

Moisture and Massage

This is probably what I use most with lavender. I use lotions infused with lavender. It is great for smelling lovely and for sore muscles.

Lavender for home

The same reasons lavender is used on the body, makes it a perfect choice for using it in the home as well.


Put dried lavender blossoms into sachets in closets and drawer to protect clothes from moths. I also put it in my drawers to make laundry smell amazing.


Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser at night to help promote deep sleep and keep the house smelling fresh.


Using a a few drops of lavender oil can help in getting smells out of laundry when mixed with laundry soap. I also use it in spray to freshen fabrics.


It is no secret that lavender is beautiful. I love its bright purple blossom. I have a plant in my breakfast nook and use dried lavender in plant decor.


lav 3

Lavender in food


My second favorite use for lavender is seasoning. I roast potatoes with olive oil, dried lavender and herbs de provence.


Lavender can be infused with sugar. Put lavender in a jar with sugar and let it sit for a few weeks. After it sits the sugar will take on a slight lavender flavor and the color of the blossoms make it a perfect addition to cookies and cakes.


A bit of lavender in lemonade or cocktails is refreshing and delicious on a hot day.


Lavender has a lightly floral and sweet flavor to many dishes. It might not be your first choice in the spice world but it tastes so good in so many meals. Get creative and try using a bit now and then and just see what comes.




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