40 and Fabulous!! 

This year I turned 40 years old. That’s right 40! At first I was severely worried about this age it felt like half my life was over and I really was worried about feeling old. But I realized 40 is actually really fabulous. Since turning 40 I have had a renewed sense of who I am and who I am becoming. Here’s a list of things that I realized when I turned the big and may I add powerful 4-0!

1. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

To be honest now I know who I am more than ever. I don’t worry as much about the little things and I’m not too obsessed with how my body looks and “any flaws” I have gotten over the years. I know I’ve made myself the best I can be and I am info knowledge of how to keep doing it.

2. No is a complete sentence.

In my 20s and 30s I felt guilty for saying the word no. I wanted to please everybody and I wanted to make sure everybody knew they could count on me. There were no boundaries and I found being a people pleaser just wore me out. Now in my 40s I really feel that I know my boundaries and I don’t waste my time with trying to please everybody.

3. I don’t need to change who I am.

When I was younger I wanted to go along with the crowd sitting in was more my type then trying to stand out. Today, I feel speaking my true self and helping others become their true selves is really a blessing and a calling. I feel that people appreciate me now more for being me than they did when I truly wasn’t myself. Today I find myself helping people do the same I really thank becoming 40 for helping to push that. I was eager to become a name for myself and make an imprint on this world, instead of just fitting in with the world.

4. Goodbye drama and those who start it.

By the time I turned 40 I figured out that people who are basically toxic have no need to be in my life. If a person literally tries to cause drama in my life or my families I don’t play the victim card anymore I simply have become stronger being 40 I know how to recognize the negativity and how to now avoid it. Being 40 I have also learned to speak my mind. I know how to be myself and talk with authority to stand up for myself and those around me.

5. My crazy days are behind me.

The crazy days of staying out and causing trouble till 3 AM are well behind me. Going out looks completely different now. I’m usually home by 10 or 11. I go out to a nice dinner with my husband and we sit and have a couple cocktails and talk. I’m so glad that the drama and craziness of my 20s are far behind me. I’m not really sad to say goodbye to hangovers, drama, and all the craziness behind me. Give me a tiki cocktail and reruns of Friends and that’s a fantastic Friday night.

6. Being newly confident is here!

In my 20s I spent most of my time trying to figure out who I was and how I was belonging. I spent most of my 30s trying to survive through the tough times. I now find myself in my 40s with a renewed sense of who I am and I need to help others do the same.

7. Age is just a mindset.

How do you left determines on how you feel. You’ve probably seen 30-year-olds who act like they’re 50 and 50-year-olds act like they’re 20. It really just depends on who you are and how you feel. I decided not to mope around being 40 anymore and decided to make others excited about turning 40 it was just a number and it was up to me how I felt. I wanted to feel vibrant, joy, and enthusiasm so that is what I told myself I was going to do. 40 can either be the end or a start to a new beginning.

8. The best years are coming.

Whoever said 40 was old? This is one of the best times in my life! I’ve got confidence wisdom and experience to help me and help the world. I’m finding I’m not afraid to try new things and that the world is full of new adventures and experiences I’m excited to see everything but the next 40 years has for me!

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