Nets and Poachers (fighting the negative)

This is exert from my upcoming book: This may be rough but I’m not done editing this yet.

Every day we can’t turn our heads without running into something negative or someone negative. In daily life it seems it’s everywhere …lately I have felt it’s even been amongst my closest friends and family. Can you imagine how sharks feel when nets and poachers are coming in to their ocean and killing hundreds of thousands a year. And yes sharks do feel they are creatures just as we are.

In our lives there are many nets and there are many poachers. Have you ever felt like something is trying to trap you? Have you ever felt like your friends are talking behind your back? Have you ever felt like somebody was trying to take you out at your job? They are everywhere. On top of all of this once we pull out our phones or turn on the television negativity seems to follow us. It’s enough to make you crazy but just like our dear sharks we must “just keep swimming.” Sharks aren’t allowed to just give up and neither are we. As human beings we have a right and an obligation to keep moving on in life. This may be selfish just for you, it could be for your family, it could be for your children, it could be for your friends but you know you must keep swimming.

The negativity seems to come in many forms and it is up to us to learn how to navigate these waters. Just like sharks swimming around nets and poachers we two have to be aware how to navigate.

Two years ago I was working for a company I had switched my positions into a restaurant and I found myself absolutely miserable. Some of the people that I worked with were grown adults but literally acted like petulant children. I felt myself being bullied even when I was seven months pregnant they saw blood when it came to me. For a while it made me upset then I decided it was time to navigate around these people. I decided if a shark doesn’t care what a fish is doing how do I care about with these people who mean nothing to me are saying or doing. I started to navigate around them I took on their personality and I used it against them. And it frustrated them obviously. In my world I use the term respect for respect they were not respecting me so there was no reason for me to respect them. I also was seven months pregnant so I really didn’t care how they were feeling. Sometimes just like sharks we have to learn to care for ourselves first to not be affected by the negativity. When you are around the situations where people are absolutely mean for no reason just remember the storm passes the water clears and you can move on.

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