For years I couldn’t afford a therapist. I had to learn how to make my big dreams come true all on my own. I spoke my big dreams and made them a reality each chapter is the layout that I used to help rise from the ashes to become the Phoenix I am today.

I have broken down this book into 10 easy chapters so that you can easily follow each book should look completely different because each person reading it is completely different. My hope is that you use this book as motivation you give yourself as well as a journal that can be used many times in your life.

I have two motivational/ journal books on sale on Amazon. The first book is called Living Your Life in Plan B-Z . It’s a great read if plan A hasn’t really worked out. My second book is titled. Living Your Life As A Phoenix. This book was written during the pandemic and is to help you rise from the ashes after hardships.

Living Your Life in Plan B-Z (The Living Series)

Living Your Life As A Phoenix