Saving Money on a Disney Wedding

written by Jamie for


Having a Disney wedding is a dream come true. It can also get very expensive. I never dreamed I would be getting married at Disney. Deciding to do a wedding at the Rose Court Garden and reception at the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion became our real life fairytale wedding because it was really our spot. When my fiancé and I agreed to do a Disney wedding we knew we had to get creative to save money. Here are some of our ideas that we are doing to save some extra on our big day.

We are had our wedding in the middle of the week. Most people we know work weekends such as cast members, pastors, retail, as well as food and beverage employees work weekends so it’s a double win for us.  Holding our wedding on a weekend has saved us a lot on everything from Disney venues to DJ and photo vendors. Weddings Monday – Thursday have the least expensive minimum expenditure totals.

Another way we saved was been reducing our guest count. This was a hard one I really would have liked everyone there but paying for each meal was not meeting our strict budget. I called my guests and explained our budget needs. I asked that if you weren’t married or I didn’t know their significant other well that my guests come single and to please leave kids at home. My guests are close friends and family they understood our need.

A big saver was also simplifying our food and drink. We did a simple menu, and stayed clear of the fancy sorbet intermezzos, and expensive desserts. Menus can be customized, and if you explain to your Wedding Planner that you have a tight budget, they will help find a menu to suit your cost limits. We also went with basic drink and bar options. Another big food saver is on rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, bridesmaid luncheons aren’t essential. If you feel you must have one, request that guests who wish to attend pay for themselves.

You can save on floral too by re-using your ceremony floral/decor for the reception space. Buy rose petals for petal cones, flower girl, aisle, or scattering on reception tables from a local vendor rather than your floral provider.  In my case I am did not even hiring a florist. I made my bouquets for my bridesmaids, flower girl and boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.  I also purchased decorations that can use both for my ceremony at the rose garden as well as for my reception at sleeping beauty pavilion. I  also did a lot of DIY (don’t forget to factor in the expense of having someone set it up and clean it up for you). I have asked close friends and family help set up and clean up to help with this cost.  Another way to save on dress, floral and gift costs by limiting the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you have. With my wedding, I had two bridesmaids two groomsmen and one flower girl. The more wedding party you have the more gifts and flowers for each person.

I also saved money by asking friends to do what they do professionally at my wedding. This may not be for everyone but we actually have a ton of really talented friends I knew I was going to ask them to come for the wedding so it was a no-brainer when I called and asked them to do what they do best as my wedding present.  I have friends who own their own business helping me with hair, makeup, photography, video, music and even wedding planning /set up and take down. We even have friends that are pastors coming to officiate our ceremony.  Keep in mind if you are having a Disney wedding there could be additional costs for bringing in outside vendors. But in our case, we are saving a ton of money by going into contract with friends and they are honored to help us on our big day.

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