My Fitness by Jillian Michaels App

Being a busy mom and wife I find myself making excuses to workout. I seem to say I’m too tired before/ after work and on days off I fill my schedule with everything  but working out.  I am doing at least this this five days a week. What’s motivating this lazy lady to get off her butt and actually work out a bit?! This is easy, fast, and motivating. I absolutely hate working out. I downloaded this app (I have the free version) will most likely upgrade once it becomes more of a habit in my life.

This app is super easy to use! The free App has 5 workouts that include abs, upper body,  legs, cardio and total body. Each workout can be completely tailored to you wants and abilities. Jillian Michaels motivates you through each work out and makes you keep going when you want to give up. The app is packed with helpful knowledge and keeps track of your journey. I use it almost daily and thankful I downloaded it. Thank you Jillian for helping this mom get in shape.

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