We Wants the Redhead!

bc017dbb-4dc0-4da3-b3de-b4755f981d15Blondes are said to have more fun and boy did I as a blonde. I really enjoy being blonde. It matches everything and for most of my life I have been one. I needed a change. I needed spice. I needed fun. I also needed to have a conservative hair color the company I work for would approve of. So I decided on red. I had red hair when I was engaged but it was dark and short I ended up changing it weeks after it was done. For years blonde has been my comfort. So it was probably a great shock when I went in to see my wonderful stylist Franki owner and magic mermaid hair stylist at Splash Salon in San Diego. This girl has been doing my hair off and on for probably more than 10 years. She has kept me blonde when all my hair wants to do is go brass even during my wedding. I sat down in the chair looked up at her and said I think I need a change flashing her a picture from my phone. She squealed with excitement and blurted out ,”Yes let’s do it.” Always up for a challenge and eager for my mermaid change she began working on my transformation. I was super nervous and excited but mostly ready. When it was all done I barely recognized myself. I felt like I was wearing a wig. I was happy and felt like puking. I was nervous for how my husband would take it, what people would think and would my company think it was conservative enough to be in their look guidelines.


With my new color I am embracing my strength. I find myself wanting to empower to show strength to my girls and to my family. Being a redhead I feel like a Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes ready to fight to fly to conquer.

With my new color I am embracing my silliness. Just as beautiful hilarious comedians of the past like Lucille Ball. I’m taking on more of a crowd being silly and bringing out more joy in others. Don’t get me wrong I have always loved making others laugh but now I feel like I can do more not hold back. Take more chances and yes laugh more at myself.

With my new color I am embracing a change. Just being a newlywed, still adjusting to life in Southern California and preparing for a life I have always dreamed about.

Above all else I am super excited about my change! I am excited about the fun of a new color! I am most excited about being more confident, finding strength, embracing silly and being a red head!


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