Thanksgiving All Year Pizza

This recipe is a family favorite in my home. I first started making it right after Thanksgiving. I got the recipe from a bachelor that didn’t really celebrate the holiday. Since then I make it all year.


3 packages of crescent rolls

2 boxes of stuffing

chicken or turkey to make it quick and easy I usually use a whole cooked chicken from Costco

2 jars of chicken or turkey gravy

bag of shredded cheese

2-3 cans of cranberry

Layout the packages of crescent rolls like a pizza crust bake them for what the package says while it is baking prepare the stuffing as usual and shred the chicken. If you picked up frozen chicken or need to bake the chicken this should be done first. Once the crust is baked lay a layer of gravy, on top of that add the stuffing and then shredded chicken, on more layer of gravy and top with cheese. Bake the pizza for 5-10 min at 350 allow to cool cut in squares and serve with cranberry either on top or on the side. This  is a meal I am thankful to have all year long.




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