He Didn’t Have to Be

In lieu of Father’s Day.

One day a man and woman had a baby. All hopes and dreams were wrapped around that sweet baby girl. The woman dreamed of a happy family but sadly over time the happy home was no more. She did what she could and moved on to show her daughter(s) how to survive. She was strong and brave for her littles. Life was hard but she kept going, she kept dreaming. One day a man came into the woman’s world. He was caring, kind and truly loved her just as she dreamed. What’s more, that great man loved her children. He shared no DNA with them, he didn’t witness their birth, they looked nothing like them but he loved and cared for them as his own. He worked hard to provide all their needs. Every hard moment he shared with them. When they fell he was there. He loved them selflessly, he loved them without hope and most of all he loved them as his own. You didn’t have to be a Dad. We are thankful you chose to be.

Happy Father’s Day

to my Grandfather who loved my Mother and uncles as his own

to my Father who loved me and my brother as his own

to my husband who loves my girls as his own and loving me in ways I could never imagine



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