Wedding Traditions

This post was originally written for the blog This Fairy Tale Life

Traditions are a big part of any wedding. In my personal life I have many traditions for me and my family. When it came down to our wedding my fiancé and I wanted many traditions that meant a lot to us. Here are some of the traditions we are doing a bit of history on each and our little spin on each.


Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Brides carry or wear something old on their wedding day to symbolize continuity with the past. It is said that blue symbolizes purity and fidelity, proves the bride’s worthiness (which I think is hilarious because  this tradition usually with a garter!)

My something new is my dress. I bought my dress new and it was designed by Vera Wang. It was love at first sight. I call the dress a modern princess dress.

My something old/borrowed will be in my bouquet. I have made my own silk flower and included broaches and pearls in them. I am including family heirloom broaches.

My something blue was in my garter. (I know cliché) I included a small forget me knot blue flower on my garter. It symbolizes a lot for my fiancé who is Armenian.



The purpose of the bride wearing a veil goes all the way back to when people believed evil spirits were around to try and ruin the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a veil to cover her face so evil spirits would not know she was the bride. Many couples today still do this custom, but use the veil to hide the bride’s face until it is first revealed to her groom.

My veil was a traditional church Armenian style with white lace. My fiancé is Armenian and I am honoring some of his traditions and cultures. I am excited to bring his traditions with mine together.



On our tables for the reception will have lanterns to light our evening wedding but on our sweetheart table there will be two pomegranates. Just as stated above I am incorporating Armenian traditions of my fiancé.

For Armenians the pomegranate is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country.  In Armenian mythology it symbolizes fertility and good fortune. It was a guardian against the evil eye.

Wedding Cake

The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where revelers broke a loaf of bread over a bride’s head for fertility’s sake. It is said that a bride is deemed lucky on their wedding day. So the act of throwing the bouquet is done so to pass on her good fortune.

The act of cutting the cake together is meant to symbolize the happy couple’s shared future together.

Wedding cakes are not just dessert to be served to guests during reception. The wedding cake is cut together by the couple during the wedding reception. Then the husband and wife exchange bites of the cake. This is the first act the couple does together as husband and wife.

The sweet wedding cake symbolizes caring and nurturing nature between the couple. Wedding cakes are also usually white, to symbolize purity. In ancient Rome, the wedding cake is a loaf of bread. This cake is broken over the bride’s head. The guests would then scramble for the crumbs.

There are also numerous superstitions about good luck for those who can bring home the crumbs of the wedding cake. Putting crumbs of a wedding cake under one’s pillow will make a guest dream of the future spouse. Crumbs are also believed to enhance fertility.

Our cake was simply for the two of us it will be a 10 inch cake with two dinosaurs and simply decorated with a saying that says “you are my greatest adventure” from Up. The rest will cupcakes in different flavors for our guests.




The type of flowers the bride clutches during the wedding ceremony signify her emotions towards the marriage. In olden times, the bridal bouquet has herbs and spices instead of flowers. It was believed that these strongly aromatic plants will ward off evil spirits intent on possessing the bride.

Our wedding didn’t have many flowers but it does have bouquets for myself as well as my party. I have made the bouquets with silk roses and peony flowers. I also included faux succulents spray painted silver and gold. I decorated them with broaches, crystals and pearls for cool vintage look that will last forever.



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