I can’t shop for clothes

As far long as I can remember I have been a bad shopper for myself. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes for myself. I would always shop for hours trying so hard to see what I would need. I would head into the dreaded changing rooms with the horrible lighting and I would always have on the wrong undergarments. I would purchase what I thought would be something great until I got home only to realize I had something similar at home. I couldn’t find my style and even if I had shopped at the same place 100 times I still found myself lost and full of anxiety. This was for every occasion for every year I could shop for myself. To top it off I wear uniforms for work and being a mom I found on my off days I was living in mom sweats and old stretched out t-shirts. I felt completely lost.

When I felt beyond lost I decided to try Stitch Fix. I committed to trying to find my own style. I took a very in depth style quiz on the Stitch Fix application. Choose a day to receive my first Fix and waited patiently for my first package to come. When it arrived I was really excited for what my stylist, Susan had picked out for me. (Yes, I have a stylist its still the weirdest thing I have ever said.)

I received the box with 5 pieces my soon to be new wardrobe. I also got a guide on how to pair each piece into two separate outfits and a prepaid envelope to return anything I didn’t like for free. I tried on each article in my house and was able to compare them to my wardrobe. I was very happy and kept everything. I had 3 days to pay for my new clothes or return them for free.

I have been getting Stitch Fix for 6 months now. I have kept most of the clothes. My stylist is building my style. I am so thankful I never felt I had a style. I love this service I have saved so much time on shopping, I feel very confident in my clothes and every day I go out in my Fix I get complimented. I am completely excited for my wardrobe now and the confidence I’m getting in fashion. I still don’t shop for myself and I am glad I don’t. My husband even loves Stitch Fix he says it saves me time shopping, him money on clothes and I smile more in clothes that make me feel more confident.

To find out more and get your Stitch Fix plus $25 off follow this site


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