Beat the Summer Heat

Summer heat is hard to escape especially in Southern California. I love the heat but when the triple digits start coming up on the weather report this momma has to get super creative with the kidos so we all feel super comfortable.

Hydrate fun

Working at a local theme park in these hot summers hydration is literally a must. I take this home by letting my kids pick a fun cup or water bottle that they love to drink out of. This way they don’t mind drinking so much. We also give them goals to drink in a day and flavor the water as a treat.

cold cool drink field

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Frozen treats

We stock our freezer full of frozen treats and ice. We also make frozen yummies  by freezing different foods and making our own frozen treats. We freeze grapes and other fruits to have a healthy snack. We also freeze juice and make our own healthy popsicles.

girl on green grass near red hose while pumping water during daytime

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Backyard splash

I feel like we are the only house in California without a pool. Each of our neighbors has a pool. We make do with what we have using the sprinkler and going to friends houses who have pools. We load our backyard with bubble toys, sprinkler toys and play music so all of us can stay cool in this summer heat.

Using others air conditioning

Getting out and about can save money on your air conditioning and relieve stir crazy kids. We hit up indoor malls, movie theaters and even libraries. Getting inside is key to surviving stir crazy family.

barefoot beach blur break

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Going back to nature

Being able to get to the beach or the lake is always a must in the summer. My family is fortunate enough to live near many amazing beaches. We pack up a picnic, load up water, sunscreen and head to the beach . My kids are water- babies and once I get them to the water its hard to get them out.

The heat can be annoying at time but this heat will pass. Make the most of it with your family and friends cause its all about making memories that you will treasure.




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