Generational Parenting

I am a mother of 17 year old and 7 year old. Yep that’s 10 whole years between my girls. I didn’t plan it but I am now 17 years later in the thick.

There are many benefits and disadvantages of generational children. I’m going to start with the negative mostly because as I write this it’s Monday evening well Tuesday  and they have driven me crazy all day and now I am glad they are in bed (Mostly my oldest, because well you know shes a teenager). My hardest obstacle is raising two only children. In my case, I have two lovely girls. If the girls were closer in age they could share rooms, toys and clothes. Because they are 10 years apart (my oldest was a surprise and youngest very planned) it was hard to keep most things, items became broken and clothes became dated. Having separate space for each generational child is key. In my case I really don’t want my 7 year old picking up my teenager’s habits. That day will come and it can’t be now. For the most of their years alive my girls have not needed to share a room. When we all moved to Southern California they did for about 6 months and we all went way too crazy. I literally thought I was going to kill myself. Lets just say mom and dad had lots of grownup juice during that time. LOL


There are many pluses to having a significant age gap in children. Now to the fun parts of having generational children! I can spend time with both of my girls separately. Whether I am shopping with my teen or on a play date with my little I get to enjoy more of a one-on-one time with each kid. Finances are a major plus on having 10 year difference. Currently, my oldest is in high school,  is a cheerleader and graduating this year she is costing us a small fortune. I am glad I am not paying so much with my younger one having her senior year many years down the line. I also love that my kids don’t fight as much because of the age group they have such separate interests that they rarely fight. (Although I have to stop the teenager from being a little mother to the youngest from time to time.) I also have a mini spy for my teenager. They really don’t gang up on us like siblings that are closer they rat one anther out a lot. And my number one reason I love this age distance is I have a built in sitter! My oldest doesn’t have a job so she helps out with her sister and does chores to earn money for extra things she wants.

All in all raising kids at any age and any years apart is hard. I applaud you moms and dads for doing the best you can and loving your kids at any age group.

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