Just Keep Swimming

If any of you know me at all you know I am an up and coming author. I am writing my first book about living your life in plan B. Here is an exert from one of the chapters. This book will be a short-read chapters. Then you will answer questions based on your life. I truly believe in self-help and that you have all the makings to make your life the greatest possible. The book will include 10 easy to read chapters then questions you answer to personalize your book to you. I will encourage and give you space to journal in the book. Please tell me your thoughts and don’t forget to just keep swimming your dreams are waiting.

Really hope you enjoy this…. send me your thoughts ….here goes…nemo


You will fall, you will fail, and you will not succeed it all, but you will keep going. Pick yourself up and try it again in a different way. God gave you everything you need to physically, mentally, and emotionally to keep going. The question is will you?


 Life is hard and full of ups and downs. One moment you can be on top of the world just going along happy as a clam…then all at once BAM! You find yourself in the worst situation and dealing with more than you think you can handle.  This has happened to me a thousand times in my life and I know I’m not the only one…. go ahead raise your hand and join the group.

    I can remember a time a two where I thought I was doing great and handling life quite well and suddenly life threw me the biggest middle finger. At that moment you have two choices.

Choice 1 includes curling into a ball and eating a tub of ice cream or consuming far too much of your favorite drinky-drink from your local watering hole. (Believe me when I say I have been here more times than I would like to mention. I’m not saying you can’t do this but don’t do it for long for it will only add to your problems.)

Choice 2 is just as our sweet little blue fish does and “just keep swimming.” This I will admit is not the easiest thing to do, but just breathe and break it down into smaller steps to solve your problems. For example, you could be unhappy with your current living situation. Regardless of the reason, failed relationship, unhappy with the people in your town or simply want to live in a bigger town or have new scenery…you know you just must move. This is a big expense, a very risky endeavor filled with many things that could fail. It’s quite overwhelming to think about a move, but if you break it down into smaller steps it can actually happen. It may take some time, but starting small like establishing a savings account, researching where you want to move to and getting rid of things you simply don’t use is a great start.

When you refuse to let a large problem get bigger than it appears by slowly moving on with life, before you know it you are on your way to handling it. Keep your head up and that “just keep swimming” attitude and you will accomplish so much before you know it. I know this seems hard to do but if you look on your life you have overcome so many problems before. This won’t be your last problem either. This world was meant to grow you, to challenge you and to change you. You have to be strong my friend. Just like an oyster dealing with a piece of sand it must be worked on and dealt with before it becomes a pearl. Your problems are meant to be dealt with. It’s just a matter of how you decide to work out each of them.


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