Disney Wedding Elements

Written earlier for https://thisfairytalelife.com/


Getting married in the most magical place on earth is a lot of pressure for a couple. As a Disney bride and groom it is so important to have a wedding that feels like the two of you. I absolutely love Disney and the magic it brings. My husband and I had a lot of history in Disney but we don’t want to loose sight of who we were too.

I felt even more stress since the special that came out on Freeform Disney Fairy Tale Weddings to really woo our guests. Don’t get me wrong, this show was spectacular and I am in awe of all the weddings especially the Disneyland wedding. It’s a very small Disney bride world. I shared the same Disney wedding planners, vendors and even planning our big day with help of Disneyland bride expert Ruby from the show. I was excited for the help of her and many of the Disney brides who are helping our wedding vision come to life.

To throw a spectacular over the top wedding is very much expected by many. When I say I am getting married at Disney strangers faces light up as they talk about Cinderella’s carriage, having the characters arrive to take pictures with the guests and dancing every song to Disney movie ballads. (There is nothing wrong with any of this…but it’s a lot of money and takes a lot of the focus off the couple.) In our wedding planning, very early on my husband and I decided to have our wedding reflect who we are as a couple and add a dash of Disney magic and pixie dust on top of that. When guests came to our wedding I wanted them to feel they were in Jamie and Ash’s fairy tale and not just Disney’s.


Even though we were very early into the buying part of our wedding details, I had started setting the mood of our wedding early on. For me this is the fun part of the wedding planning process. I live for this stuff! As long as I can remember I have wanted to be party planner. I absolutely love the little details that make an event special. After we decided to get married at Disney we had to come up with a date. We knew we liked February, getting married at Disney saves you money if pick an off-peak month. I wanted a date that would stick out so we chose 2/28/18 which is a Wednesday. (This also saved money cause it’s in the middle of the week and not on a weekend.) When you think of a wedding in February you think Valentine’s Day, red and romance. I really wanted our wedding to be romantic but not the rest of the elements. We decided on an evening wedding starting at 5 pm. I wanted the southern California sunset colors of the red, yellow and pink as our Rose Garden backdrop. I thought of candles, off lighting, evening dresses and cool breezes for my Washington guests to enjoy. The colors were one of my favorite elements. We chose a very dark silver or pewter, a dark cranberry or wine color and a light pink petal color to off set with flowers and the flower girl dress. Together the colors are romantic and trending for February weddings.


We decided on rustic romantic pieces that feel whimsical and timeless. They may not be Disney but could tie into or feel like Disney. I am leaning towards silvers, golds and metallics as well as my colors. My dress was ivory and a modern ball gown and made me feel like my own Disney princess.



After the colors were chosen the little elements that felt like us started coming into effect. Each element was choosen whether a Disney item or not really meant something to us. Together Ash and I are a very fun couple. We love to laugh and are very much in love. Our hope was that our wedding reflects that. Thankfully they all worked and I was able  tie them all in to make a wonderful wedding that feels like our Disney wedding fairy tale.



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