Planning a Wedding during the Holidays

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 Every once in awhile right in the middle of the holiday season

 a bride finds herself planning a wedding.

We planned our Disneyland wedding in late February. At first I was super intimated about planning our happily ever after during the crazy holiday time but I have found a way each month has helped me plan and saved us money.  Disclaimer: planning a wedding during the holiday season is hard and takes a lot of organization and caffeine.


Halloween is costume and candy time. Things can get spooky this time of year but heading into planning became Spooktacular when I took advantage of this time because of all the sales on decorating items. I noticed there was a lot of sales on anything that wasn’t Halloween related. I bought tealights, candles, lanterns and flowers for bouquets making. We saved a bunch with pre-holiday sales and last season summer items. I had to balance my time with Halloween festivities and DIY wedding crafting. Thankfully I had enough candy to have a sugar rush during the long nights of DIY crafting.


Here’s where it’s starting to get tricky. Not the planning I’m talking about my waistline! LOL Between all the great holiday food and candy, I have to remember to portion control and up my exercise. In November my focus was on wedding accessories. I noticed a price drop in jewelry, shoes and since I got married at Disney I  played up the fairy tale princess theme a bit. I found beautiful tiaras, hair accessories and shoes that fit my theme had dropped maybe it was the fact that Halloween just ended or that Christmas and holiday parties were just around the corner, but it was a great time to get all the sparkly items to deck out me and my wedding party.


With Christmas it was the ultimate balancing act. For me personally, I am a mother. That being said, we all know the fine balance between Christmas magic making and now wedding planning that I had to endure. For those who know me I had to apologize now. For that month most of my focus was on be on family, friends and festivities which means I had to have my A game on when it came to wedding planning. Most of my funds for this month were sucked up with my Christmas budget and my oldest daughter/ maid of honors birthday. Early the month I had my bridal shower though. My bridesmaid Ashley and maid of honor/ daughter Hannah threw me a holiday shower at my house. It was great my house was already be decorated for Christmas. We served brunch and had a make your own mimosa and bloody-marry bar. My savings for my wedding on that month was on décor for my shower since I owned it all. Tie your festivities with the holidays and save on décor, even Santa would be impressed!



With all the Christmas festivities coming to an end. The new year brought new hope and more planning this was my crunch time. Two months before the wedding and I was hoping all those last-minute items would be on sale. I couldn’t  wait to see all the after Christmas sales! I had to refocus my health regime and start my paperwork of marriage license, name changes ect. At the end of January, my girls and I were back at it again for my bachelorette party. We planed to doll up all dapper and hitting some hot spots including where I met my love Trader Sam’s tiki bar.



Awe the day of love I am very excited for this month because I got married February!!! In the month of love I got my last little things. Our wedding colors were wine, grey with hints of pink and lots of metallic such as silver, gold and rose gold. I was hoping the colors of the season were on sale. Also in this month (mom don’t read this) LOL I bought my honeymoon attire. I took advantage of all the Valentine sales right after the holiday of love. In early February I will also tried to focus on preparing for the wedding with loving on myself a bit with some treatments and spa time, so I was nice and relaxed on our big day.

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