Fairy Tale Wedding vs. Guest Drama

written previously for https://thisfairytalelife.com/


It seems as soon as you announce that you are getting married you are bombarded with endless drama. In my opinion, the hardest to deal with is your wedding is family and friends not being on board with your wedding plans.

As a bride, you dream of your perfect wedding. You spend countless hours dreaming of the perfect dress, perfect, flowers, perfect table settings and walking down the aisle to your perfect groom. So, when people in your life are not completely on board with all your plans you tend to feel offended and hurt its good to remember this your wedding you want the day of your dreams, I get it.

Just know you are not alone. As a Disney bride, I feel we deal with that even more scrutiny. There are people in our world that don’t get why we are doing are wedding at the happiest place on earth. They are not excited to travel, don’t want to pay extra expenses or in my case want free Disney tickets on top of all the expenses we are putting out for each guest to enjoy our wedding.

When dealing with troublesome guests, overly opinionated family and friends take a gentle yet strong approach with them. Remember to simply breath and remember this is your day. All that is important is that you are marring your love. You are going to show your guests a great time in a dream fairytale wedding.

During my first planning session with the staff at Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, I was reminded even by the professional Disney wedding planners that this was our wedding. We should be loving but strong when dealing with our guests.

Don’t give up your beautiful Disney dream wedding. Stick to your dream there are things you can do to prepare for your fairy tale day. First, off have the uncomfortable talks with your family friends so that day of things run the way you want. This is hard to do but stay firm on what you expect and listen to the feelings of your friends and family. Second, stay and stand bonded with your fiancé. Your fiancé is going to be your other half. My now husband is my best friend and is going to have to deal with me far after the wedding is over. He is going to be my greatest team player and the person who can be that shoulder to cry on as well as a guide to our crazy wedding planning. Third, remember to have fun and lighten up. (As I type this I feel my inner self with a gigantic eye roll.) This is a day of celebration and fun. In the words of a certain long golden-haired princess this is supposed to be the “BEST DAY EVER!” So, have fun and don’t take everything so seriously.

Weddings are hard work and emotional for friends, family, and you as couple. In the end, you are marring your love in your happiest place on earth. Your fairy tale wedding work will be trying but at the end of it this is the beginning of another chapter adventure together.


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