My November Expression of Gratitude

November seems to be a space filler month between October and December. I am guilty of pouring my own energy into Halloween planning costumes and scary fun events for my family. I use November to try to get a head of the curve so I can enjoy more of December instead of buying presents or addressing Christmas cards. This November I am trying to show more thanks and gratitude in more creative ways.

I am starting this month with a classic. I am writing in a journal 10 things I am thankful for daily. I wanted to remind myself daily how really blessed I am. This doesn’t take long and is a great way to reflect the positive of the day.

This month I will be donating to a local shelter. My kids and I really have so much and with Christmas right around the corner my small house will be bursting with toys and clothes. In November, we gather our gently used items and give to those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. I love teaching my kids to give back.  When they give their things it teaches a humble gratitude especially before a month like December coming where they are given so much.

One act I am super excited to do is compliment more. I love to compliment people. It’s who I am. I love to see someone smile and make their day happier. This is not sucking up or fake. I love to give true, whole-hearted, raw compliments. This month I am upping my own game and finding more joyful sincere compliments so others will have a better day.

In the spirit of the holidays I will opening up my house to host events, I know this isn’t a big thing but having a place for someone to go on Thanksgiving or when they need to have their spirits lifted is a gift and a ton of hard work. I will give a clean home, a good meal and a fond memory in hopes to lift others spirits.

Also this month, I will be seeking to do more random acts of kindness. I will try to write kind notes, hold open more doors, use my manners even when others aren’t and really try to put kindness out into the world more. This I fear will try my patience. Those who know me know I am not patient, I am quick to explode and even though I am passionate I go over-board at times. This month I choose to be the person I want to be with not the person I fear. I won’t be perfect at this but I will try harder.

These are small but impactful things I know I will be able to do. I encourage you to be a better version of yourself this month. In putting this out there I am committing to be a better person and trying to help others to have a better month as well. I truly this inspires you to have a gratitude November even in the chaotic holiday planning times.


affection appreciation decoration design

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Happy gratitude month. May it truly be a blessed month.

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