Is Growing Old an Option?

On May 2 I turned 38. (Cue screaming in terror.) I seriously felt so much negativity with this birthday. I didn’t want to be 2 years from 40. It felt like half my life was over. This was a cue for depression for sure. I definitely had a lot of negative feelings with even the thought of getting old.

With further breathing and praying I decided this is just a number and growing old is just not something I will do. Now, before you think I am crazy and super irresponsible let me explain. Yes, I know I have to get older every year. Yes, I know I have to grown up things like raising kids, paying bills, cleaning our home, going to work, upping my career goals ect. I also decided to find a balance. Breathing through the thoughts of growing old I decided growing up has to happen but growing old will not happen.

Leimg_6302t me explain how I have done this over the past years to make make me feel younger and take back the clock.

I have more fun as much as I can. My family has always wonders if this is a stage I will grow out of… turns out I won’t. I love magic, going to theme parks with my husband and kids, going on adventures and clowning around.. even now at almost 40. LOL this will never change.

I don’t dress like an old lady. I also don’t dress like a teenager. But I love whimsy in my wardrobe. It could be a printed tee with Mickey on it or a dapper dress in Disneyland. I don’t take my self very serious. I also love to mix my prints. I love wearing leopard and plaid or polka dots and stripes. I am not afraid to go by rules. I just have fun in my clothes.

I play. I am not afraid to play like a kid. I will play with my daughter. I will break out in dance when I hear a great song. Playing makes you feel like a kid. Don’t be afraid to skip, swing, make a fort, play dolls or have imagination. I feel its one of my best kept secret.

I laugh. Laughter is the cure to youth. I seriously laugh out loud as if I don’t care who is around. I try to find joy and happiness in my life. I love bad pun jokes, corny one liners and comedic timing. When all else fails I find my own laughter. I laugh at myself.  Laughter is the sign of strength, beauty, health and youth.

img_6204I have adventure. I am not afraid to move, to explore and to be curious. This is a huge world and it is up to you to explore it. Almost 5 years ago I was living in Washington state. I had dreamed of living in Southern California. To this date I have never been happier. There is a so many places to here to discover. As a family we are also planing on adventure through our state, country and world travel. I suggest start small and make lists of places you want to see.

I also take care of myself. I have a strict beauty regiment. In the morning, I refresh my skin with toner ( I suggest witch hazel my grandmother used it for years and her shin was perfect.) I also use lotion for face and body with SPF. I protect my skin keeping it well moisturized. At night I take my makeup off and use a corrective such as coconut oil. See my previous blog on coconut oil uses. I also use a lot of moisturizer. I believe keeping your skin looking healthy makes you look younger.

Regardless of how much you don’t want to grow older, it still will happen. I hope I have inspired you to find a way to cheat the aging process a little. I think if you do you will find more joy, more laughter and careless of what the world is telling you to do. In the wise words of Walt Disney , “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”

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