All it takes is Faith and Trust…

The following is an exert from my up coming book. For me it really hits home on what life is hitting me with right now. I really would appreciate the feedback.

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A Roman poet once said “Carpe Diem” or Seize the Day! This is how you must live every day! You can’t just sit around doing the same thing day after day and expect life to change or get better. The motivational industry would tell you to go make things happen…. now! And I am no different.

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I know if you are anything like me again you are here screaming “well that is easier said than done!” Here are some simple steps to help you get there. Procrastination time is over!  Don’t wait for tomorrow! Stop putting things off! Today is THE day! Go for it! Seize your dream and run with it! Life doesn’t wait, and neither should you! I am using the exclamation mark a lot because I am trying to get you excited and this is the only way a writer can do this! Okay, pep talks over.

This type of life style is not for the slow-paced person, but it is very rewarding. A go-

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getter type of day is lived at full speed but, full of life. To truly seize the day is to get your day back and yes, make it your own! To enjoy it is to stop the eternal desire for more in your life and actually go out and get it! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Here are some ways to achieve just that.

Switch off the world. This my hardest since I always seem to have a phone or laptop glued to me at one time or another. Being connected to every gadget imaginable is a very big distraction from everyday life. Being plugged into an electrical gadget such as, mobiles, laptops, etc. is frazzling. I am not saying  unplug from cyber space and texts forever…just take breaks from time to time.  Most people are forever available to the world as texts, e-mails and phone calls that will flood in – you won’t miss them for a few minutes a day. Switch them off so you can do the same. Connect instead to replenishing your energy naturally and go see your world.

It is 100% accurate that we are called the human race. We race here; we race there, all at warp speed. Let’s think about our day. You get up and start moving 100 mph breakfast, kids, work, workout, social time, family, hobbies, dinner, and CRASH! Now let’s do it all the next day…. seriously begin to slow down and enjoy.  Learn from nature and take your foot off the accelerator. In nature the animals that move the slowest live the longest like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. Slow it down and live longer and begin to appreciate more.

It’s time to seizing the day! Get social my friend. Get on the phone and call a friend you’ve not seen for a while and catch up. Share you. I believe the saying ‘no man is island’ is true. We are meant to be social not shut in.

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It’s time to slow down and appreciate life. We all know it is hectic out there.  Jobs, chores, responsibilities and many more things to fill your day and most often other people too, such as errands for the house, run the kids, pay the bills, shopping, taking the family around like a taxi cab. It is a lot but seize the moment and insists on some personal time. Insist for yourself.  Take some moments purely for you. Start small – 10 minutes every day. And stick to it! Use these moments in life to refresh your life and connect back with you and who you are. Even as a young mom I try to take some me time if only to take a shower by myself.

As you take a chill- pill your eyes will open to different ways of doing things- you will find yourself exploring undiscovered paths and attempt many new skills, new hobbies. Be curious about your life and what you want in it. Do things you haven’t before. Look for options and opportunities.  When life fails you is usually when we take this route, but if you start a different path when life is good who knows where it will take you. For an example I have always been interested in doing makeup. I worked for counters and did wedding and prom makeup for years. Then one day I decided to challenge myself I called a local playhouse and asked to do makeup that turned into countless plays. The plays later turned to commercial, tv and movie makeup.  Follow a new star because it will surprise you… you never know where it may take you…Neverland here we come!

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