Never Give Up- Being a Phoenix

What is a Phoenix? (in classical mythology) a unique bird, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. Although, I cannot burn and rise as this mythical bird does, I can rise from negative situations, people and ways in life.

In life we should live as a Phoenix. This can be accomplished in many ways.p2


Get rid of negative people.

Let’s just face it life is way too short to deal with people that have a negative influence on your life. It could be friends and it could be family. There are ways to separate yourself from these negative people that won’t offend them. Give yourself a break from them. evaluate yourself and speak up if you really feel hurt by them. In my life I have had to separate myself from friends and family who only wish to talk negative on my situations. After reflection on myself I confronted them simply saying this is my life and I am the one who gets to judge me on it. I then created space between me and them. In my case I also ended up moving away which helped immensely. When it came down to it this was my life and I was going to make me happy. PHOENIX YOU NEED TO RISE AGAINST OTHERS WHO WISH TO HARM YOU!

p1Get rid of negative energy.

One very important part of being a Phoenix is rebirth through the ashes. Now, I’m not saying strip down to your birthday suit cover yourself in ashes and completely come out clean. LOL although the thought is rather humerus. This is a metaphor.

Lately, I have been dealing with some very negative situations both at work and in my home life. I am learning ways to get rid of the negative and bring in the positive. First, prayer and mediation have helped a ton. I ask God to help guide me through hard time with peace and happiness. I allow good thoughts to manifest me as I release the negative. I ask God to protect me and my family bringing goodness in and releasing the bad energy from me.

I am also seeking therapy. Learning to objectively talk to someone about the problems rising in my life has been very helpful. I have learned to let go of things I cannot help anymore and I am learning how to make myself a better person. People will continuously come against you and be insanely stupidly rude for no reason. As a Phoenix you need to armor your feelings and for me therapy is that amour.

My last way of cleansing negative energy is rather strange and new for me. After two different friends brought it up and I did a ton of research on it. I decided to smudge/ sage myself and my home. According to Wikipedia, Smudging is a ceremony  practiced by some Native Americans, that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in some cases for spiritual cleansing or blessing. I involve it as a tool to focus my energy to God in a mediation/ protection prayer. For me I have always believed in energies and the connection to God in its spiritual place. It may not be organized religion. For me it has made me feel more at peace and a greater connection to God. Cleansing my home and myself  of negativity in this manner was a personal choice. It was something that I sugest praying on and researching on. When it came down to it I was happier more at peace and felt I had a greater connection with God. PHOENIX RELEASE YOURSELF FROM NEGATIVE ENERGY AND FIND REBIRTH IN HAPPINESS FOR YOURSELF!

p4Release creative energy.

Now that we have focused on getting rid of the negative in your life its time to rebirth you and what makes you… you. We are so fortunate to live in a world that teaches you to never give up on your dreams. Phoenix, without this negativity you are capable of so much more. This may be a new job, a new hobby or anything that will make you happy. For me, I have a dream of publishing a series of books. I want to be a writer and a motivational speaker. I want to lift up others going through hard times just as I did. I am taking those steps. Sure I have my job and my family to take care of but I also have a true need to leave my mark on the world. I am fully capable of doing all 3. I ask you now what would make you happy?! What would make you a more creative person?! Chase that! PHOENIX YOU ARE CAPABLE. YOU ARE CREATIVE. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK!


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