Can you be you and respect others?

Cue the overwhelmingly HELLLLL YESSSS YOU CAN!!!

I get it we all have to defend ourselves. We all have an opinion. This doesn’t make us all assholes.  Lets find balance in our force! Today in society I feel so many people are so okay giving their own opinion and not caring what or how it will affect others. I have recently had to deal with some people that really need to as my mother used to say act their age and not their shoe size.

I have come into play on a lot of this recently both in my family and in my day to day life. I find myself asking where are the nice people?!

I get that you have an opinion. I get that you would like to share your opinion. But I’m here to tell you there is a great way to do it and a not so great way to do it. Here are some steps to take to tell your opinion without hurting peoples feelings.

1. Breathe and think before you speak.

2. Sleep on your opinion. Go to bed and see if you still feel that way in the morning.

3. Never yell or call names during your opinion statement. Adding negativity to your opinion just shut others down.

4. Tell your opinion to a like minded person.

5. Write down your opinion. Then say it. 

Here’s the thing, we are all entitled to an opinion. But we are all also here to live together and happiness.

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