Start A New Tradition for Birthdays

Traditions are so important. I absolutely adore bringing in new and fun things that we can celebrate year after year. This being said we have a ton of traditions ( and I’m still looking for more. Crazy?! I know.

Some of our favorite traditions include: Easter baskets, Elf on the shelf, St. Nicholas Tag, Stockings, and stockings. Last year I had an idea for my kids birthdays that I was really floored for. Most of the time birthdays fall on weekdays. We are so busy and I wanted my girls to feel really special on their big day. Birthdays are the ultimate celebration of you. Instead of waking up with a breakfast and a hustled morning before school. My girls awake and enjoy presents along with a special breakfast at personalized beautifully decorated table just for them. This themed table highlights what they are into. This sweet simple act evokes magic for them on the morning of their big day.

Okay, now how to… and might I add with next to no money. (This year I spent less than $25 on Madison’s Harry Potter Hufflepuff table.) So first, I pick a theme based on what my kid is into. This year Madison had Harry Potter. Last year she had rainbow unicorns and Hannah a glamours classic Christmas table. I pull from items in my own home. With the Christmas table I had lots of my own decor. I accented it with gold and silver Christmas balls. I added personalized touches that I know my daughter Hannah would love. With the Harry Potter table I went to the dollar store and Target to pick up some Harry Potter decorations as well as some yellow and black accents for her Hufflepuff theme. I also used some of my Halloween decor to feel more wizardry.  I pulled our own books and Madison’s toys to add whimsy.

I encourage you to be creative use your own imagination for your little one. It doesn’t matter if the are into Harry Potter, Christmas, unicorns, sharks or even dinosaurs it can be really fun. Gather things you already have. Spend very little and take only less than an hour to make some great magic for your little one. I believe in you Fairy God Parent!!! 🙂

Here is an Madison’s Harry Potter Hufflepuff table so you can see how I put it together.



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