Bad Mom Guide to Surviving the First Trimester

Have a baby they say…. it will be fun they say… well all I have been my first trimester of pregnancy is sick and very VERY tired. Welcome to the joys of bringing life into this world! I wanted to let you know you are not alone. You will over come this and there is a ton you can do to help. With one more week left into my first trimester here are some things I did to to survive the baby that most of the time felt like it was trying to kill me. c851e3e7-c2cb-45a2-a4e2-5907ba60120b

First thing I did was sleep as much as I could and as often as I could. Why? Because I probably won’t be sleeping much once my belly gets big and even less when that baby comes out. Moms don’t feel guilty for sleeping you are creating life. ITS REALLY HARD WORK! If someone asks you what you have been doing all day if you are feeling lazy tell them creating a heart or eyelids, it should shut them up.

d2e81852-90b2-4010-879d-3af2af2609f8Next thing I did was eat what I / baby was craving. You already have to give up so much… alcohol, caffeine, tuna ect. You should reward yourself with things that make you happy even if that is an XL shake from In and Out every night. Girl you are worth it!! TREAT YO ‘SELF!!!

Wear comfortable clothes and wear all your clothes you may miss when you get too fat. This is a balance. Its a balance of your body getting bigger. Your breasts will swell. You will retain some water but this also the last few months you will be your “normal” size. I invested in a comfortable bra and some comfortable dresses that would look flattering with my growing size. I have also worn the sh*t out of my favorite clothes. 4fb5b150-b118-40db-9a3b-8eebe452a49b

Lay on your stomach!!! This is a blessing that soon will be taken away from you! I am a stomach sleeper so this is going to a real issue in the up coming months. I plan to get a body pillow and C-pillow to make sleeping easier.

Keep tums and anti- nausea pills everywhere. I kept mine in each of my purses in my night stand, in my pockets at work…literally everywhere! Smells really get to me normally but when i am pregnant it seriously kicks my butt.

Find someone or some people to vent to. I talk with my husband a lot. I also have a core group of friends that really get what I am going through. This is so important because you need support in what you are going through. I encourage any mother to find someone to share pregnancy hormone feelings it seriously helps you feel less psycho.

In the same regard, something that seriously helps is asking for help from family and friends. I have a core group of people I lean on during high stress times. My husband is my my number. I also ask friends family for help with child care and other chores. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit lazy. Its okay not to be perfectly on at all times. Sometimes TV is your best friend and sometimes your babysitter. I’m gonna be real I’ve done this and I completely deserve it. Give the new meaning of Netflix and chill. Literally, put in a movie and chill. No one is around to judge you. Lets be real we all do it.

Last but not least… cut yourself some slack. Your parenting game could be off. You maybe going a bit slower because you are tired beyond belief but I just remind myself I am growing a baby and I already am doing the ultimate multitasking. I am creating life… you are creating life. In the end you will make it and have a beautiful baby. It takes a lot of energy to make baby. So relax and TRY to enjoy.








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