Christmas Made Easy

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. Its also the time year where I feel so over worked. As a mother I am responsible for not only my everyday life but now have to add extra cooking, baking, present wrapping, card sending, present buying, decorating and so so so so much more. Over the years I have learned a few secrets that have allowed me to cut corners and enjoy more time with my family.


Its time to up your game! Wrapping, decorating, present shopping, baking and creating merriment all on to of your regular schedule. Its enough to make any super mom tired. Caffeine up you are gonna need the extra energy!

Take care of you

If you aren’t well you won’t be able to do all you need to do. Taking care of you is number one priority. The saying goes if momma isn’t happy no one is. This applies to being well. Load up on vitamins, drink water and get plenty of sleep. You are worth it!

Decorate early

This year I decorated 2 weeks early and I really noticed a great difference. I feel more on top of the rest of the busy month. Who cares if anyone criticizes you. You are getting things done so you can actually enjoy the holiday too.

Get help

Ask people for help. This year my husband and kids have been helping with the holiday load more because I am pregnant. I think I’m gonna keep this up because lets face it so much nicer not to do it all.

Only take on what you can

Its okay to say NO. You can only do what you can do. This includes the holiday don’t take on too much just to please others or you will be miserable.

Order presents on line

This is my number one. Nothing is better than putting the kids to bed, turning on a Christmas movie crawling into bed and shopping for my love ones. Then waiting a few days for them to come. Nothing is worse then crowded stores and malls. This includes black Friday… cyber Monday is way more my style.

Do all wrapping asap

I used to wrap all my presents on Christmas eve… so dumb. Now as I get them I wrap them and they go under the tree. It has saved me so much sanity.

Keep a throw away present

This is a cheat for all parents with naughty list kids. Keep a wrapped decoy box under the tree. If a kid acts up tell your child if they act up you are throwing away a present. When they do take the decoy gift and throw it away or burn it. Your child will know you aren’t messing around and you aren’t throwing away a real gift. Guaranteed to work.

Tire your kids out on Christmas eve

I live in Southern California. We take the kids each Christmas eve to Disneyland. Why you ask… so they get tired! Christmas eve we tire them so in the morning we have a calm kids that aren’t up at 5 am bugging me to tar open their gifts.

Prep breakfast for Christmas morning before hand

I pre-make my Christmas breakfast the night before so I don’t stress in the morning. I do this so I seriously can enjoy and not be isolated in the kitchen by myself. It’s all about the memories enjoyed on that day!



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