New Year, New Freakin’ You

Each new year we make some type of resolution. We try to loose weight, save money, be more active etc. Most years we fail. A lot of my years I have had the same resolution simply because I couldn’t make it happen. As a dreamer I love the new year. At the end of a hard year you embark on new hope and new release on life. I am not perfect and I do fail but I do believe the new year does bring new freaking hope that this could be my year to shine! Here is some the ways I keep hope alive each year and turn my dreaming into doing.


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Stick to goals that realistic to achieve. This means know your limit. If you are having a hard year financially a trip around the world may not be in your year plan but maybe a trip somewhere in the state you have never been. You don’t want to set your self up for failure.

Be clear. Set a goal that is clear and concise. Too broad of a resolution can resort in you giving up just based on that you aren’t really sure why you made it. I did this a few years back I think I put a goal to loose weight I didn’t put a number on it. The result was I gave up after 5 lbs, I  gained it back and more.

Don’t over do it. Don’t take on too many goals. I say don’t do more than 3 resolutions for a year. We are busy. We have a ton to do and we don’t want to take on too many things that a the end of the year will overwhelm us. If you really feel you can take on more do it!You may feel you will be better if you can accomplish 3 resolutions rather than 3 out 5.

 Take baby steps. You can’t run before you walk. Take small steps to get closer and closer to meeting your resolution. Resolutions tend to get overwhelming. That resorts in us giving up. Take it day by day. Even if you spend just 30 min a day working on your goal in a month you will find yourself closer and closer to your goal. I once had a goal to save more money. I started a jar labeled it Paradise Falls just as a broad goal. Then I just put my change in it. At the end of the year I had close to $300. I was able to treat myself to something awesome at the end of that year.

Be creative. This is a new year. Doing the same old resolutions will only result in you being bored and giving up. Give your self a resolution that you really can be excited for. For example loosing weight is not exciting. If you really want to loose weight find a fun and exciting way that you can do it. You will find yourself more motivated to accomplish your goals.

Get committed. Now it is time to put it down on paper. Tell your family, close friends and people you trust what your goals are. Ask them to help you and to keep yo accountable. Write your goals where you can see them everyday. I have mine near my bed where I can see them every night and every morning when I wake up. I have them in my phone so I can see them through the day.

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Here are my resolutions for 2020

– finish my book

-begin motivational speaking (even if this is just a small group like a moms group or church group)

-become a stronger person who stands up for herself and the goodness of others.

What are your resolutions for 2020?






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