Self -Care… Schmelf -Care?!

The word self-care hits you two ways. Number 1 : I definitely need to take care of myself because if I don’t who else will?! Or Number 2:  How can you do it on active busy schedule and not look like a total self indulgent douche bag?! Well I am right there with you. I grew up feeling guilty for caring for myself. I was raised to feel I was being selfish with my time if I spent time on makeup, skin care or anything that made me feel pretty.  My parents didn’t do it on purpose believe me I had a well rounded, awesome childhood. It’s just my parents really never focused on self-care. It wasn’t something that was done. My mother really never wore makeup (She never really needed to.) She has that perfect complexion you hate… and you hate her even more because the woman has barely a wrinkle and never had a pimple… AND GET  THIS SHE WASHES HER FACE WITH BAR SOAP!!! Ugh me the opposite I am well into my 30’s and still fighting wrinkles and pimples. This today still haunts me like I have ask permission to spend time on myself because it is so very important. In the 19 plus years I have been an adult with kids of my own I have learned a few tricks to care for myself while not making it look like all I care for is myself.

Here are some easy going self-care things that can unselfishly used in your own life.

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Find your own way and your own time

Don’t listen to everyone. Find what works with you and your schedule. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so my self-care tends to happen when my kids go to bed or in the shower before one of them starts to scream at me. I prioritize my self care time when I can so that I don’t feel guilty.  Your routine could include just painting your nails or doing a mask in the shower. However much time you decide to spend you are worth it. Don’t feed into the negative.

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Get your family involved

One of my favorite things to do is involve my girls in self-care. We do our nails or go get a pedicure together. Just to have bonding time. I love seeing them beam as they take care of themselves. Another thing we do in our house is make homemade scrubs. I give them a small cup of a yummy smelling scrub as they enter the shower. This gives them an extra few minutes to themselves and me. LOL Double win for momma!

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is probably my favorite self-care. It feels so good to take a nap or drowse on the couch while my daughter watches Harry Potter for the millionth time. Napping for me (minus being pregnant) is also one of the hardest. I talk to my husband or kids and let them know I need an hour I set my alarm and I stick to waking up right after and moving on with the rest of my day a bit more refreshed.

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Can exercise BE fun?!

For me it really can’t be but I know some mommas that seriously really love it. If that’s you good job you psycho. I really am jealous of you. When I have to work out I do things that bring me joy. I enjoy dancing and yoga most. I tend to do things with other people because it makes me accountable. The moms that love to do it tell me if they can get in 30 minutes of exercise a day they feel more whole…I just feel more tired.

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Get the freak outside!

I’m lucky I live in Southern California where its not freezing really ever. I am though from Washington state where I did freeze most of the year. Wherever you live get outside and enjoy the sun or whatever weather you have. It helps you to feel happier, more relaxed and gives you a better sense of self. I will take my kids outside with me and while they play I sit in the sun reading or writing my next project. You can also go for a walk or a jog and enjoy some of natures beauty. Living in So. Cal. I love going to theme parks and walking around. I also love the beach and the trails with gorgeous views. When I lived in Washington I loved exploring forest, beaches (when It was warmer), lavender fields and lakes.

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Organize your damn life

Part of self-care is staying organized in your life. If you are not organized your chaos will bring further stress. Okay, want to know something about me I love to organize. I know earlier I called the workout self-care moms out but I really think that this is psycho. I really can’t function without being some what organized. I tend to get very Monica from Friends and zen out when I dive into an organizational project. It also calms me to make a list and complete everything on that list in a timely fashion… self-care maybe… psycho… definitely.

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Guilty Pleasure

Nothing makes me more happy than a good motivational book… while sitting on the toilet. TMI I know but seriously I love it. I love reading on the toilet. I would write on the toilet too but I believe my ideas would turn out shitty. 🙂 That being said. This brings me to my point. Find your guilty pleasure and indulge in it.  No matter what it is, no matter how weird it is. It is yours and you should indulge in it as much as possible. (I also like to play Words with Friends on the toilet too…. #sorrynotsorry.)

Find your fucking balance

Okay no matter how or what you decide to do for self-care make sure you find a balance that works for you. You are worth spending so much time on. Believe me if you don’t care for yourself, no one will. But, don’t sacrifice that time with things you should do AKA cleaning, working or spending time with family. Schedule your balanced time and you will be rewarded with a greater sense of self. It took a lot of years to even give myself permission to even do self care and now looking back I wasted a lot of great years of happiness I can someday hope to get back. So I will repeat it… Remember you are important and so worth your time.

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Self-Care Schmelf- Care



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