Going Natural for Teething

Having a new baby almost every 10 years seems like I am crazy, maybe I am but I love my girls and I am so enjoying being a new mom yet again. I find myself with the wisdom of a mother of over 19 years. I feel like it is like going back to your early 20’s with the knowledge of your late 30’s. I find with 3 girls all 10 years apart I have noticed there is a whole lot that has changed in 19 years. My favorite products over all these years of motherhood are the products that are classic and simple. One of my absolute favorite companies is Playful Petalz. Even though my youngest daughter is a bit from teething I find myself preparing Amelia early, just in case she starts teething sooner I am fully prepared. Also with Easter coming up I thought what a great way to get things we need for our smallest daughter. Easter is a perfect time to fill her basket with newborn and toddler needs. As a mother of a newborn, I am taking advantage of her not wanting for anything as I prepare her for the difficult stage of teething.

Amelia has no clue what she is getting for Easter.

I have a heart for helping small and local companies. The owner of Playful Petalz is also a mom of 3 understands the strong maternal need to keep our littlest ones safe. She was drawn to the idea of making toys that are chemical-free and non-hazardous. “In a world of plastics, chemicals, and over stimulation everywhere we turn the idea of simplicity was also very attractive. The idea of slowing down and getting back to the basics with simple yet stimulating sensory toys is what started Playful Petalz,” says owner Paula. This mom and owner is preparing for grandchildren now. She also just recently stepped down from an executive position looking to simplify life. She turned a hobby she loved for 20 years into a business which is now Playful Petalz. Says owner, ” I have a strong need to always make a difference and was really drawn to helping provide new moms with safer options for their little ones.” How can you not love this?! I am hooked and now so is my little Amelia who will be enjoying these natural teethers so soon.

Amelia’s teethers

To make life sweeter there is a sale just in time for spring and Easter. Connect with her Instagram 20% off all teethers and gift sets using code SPRING20.

Find all the goodness online

Instagram : PlayfulPetalz


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