Becoming a Butterfly during the Quarantine

This is seriously a stupid- hard time. It’s full of hard times and true uncertainty. Most of our days we are bored and lack true structure. There are days I’m sad and scared with all this craziness. But in this time I have looked at this as a time of renewal. I have chosen most days to take the days of being stuck home to better myself. When I get upset or overwhelmed during this time I know it sounds weird often think of the metaphor of a caterpillar going into the cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Just as the caterpillar waiting to change I’m choosing to better my life and my family’s while being in quarantine … hoping someday to emerge from this time a better person. Here are some the things I’m doing on top of being a wife and mother to try to keep myself busy and emerge a better person. Just think in your head Bugs Life Himlich and say, ” I’M A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!”

Get organized – Get rid of the things that you won’t wear,are getting old, or simply doesnt fit. I also organized my husband’s closet too. Even though we are just wearing sweats or pjs most of our days at least when this is all over I know what I will be wearing and I know it will be cute.

Read some new books– I ordered a few books from Amazon and am working a better me. I love self help books… they are my guilty pleasure. I suggest picking a few new books to entertain and to keep your brain engaged.

Spring clean– Okay, I seriously hate this one… what the hell else are we gonna do?! Might as well freakin’ clean your home so when you can actually are allowed to have people over you will have a clean home fit for parties and social gatherings.

House projects– Take this time to paint, decorate, and catch up on projects that are seriously needing your attention. I have many projects on my list including, redecorating some of my home. I also am cleaning my garage and cleaning out my Tupperware cupboard. My husband and I are also working on our back porch so we can enjoy the outdoors more.

Home spa– Self care time!!! Since I’m not going anywhere, I’m not wearing makeup.So I am taking time to do more skin care. I am hating it not being out and doing fun makeup but my skin is loving it! I haven’t had a single pimple since this stupid quarantine. I have even made homemade scrubs turning my kitchen into my laboratory and my bathroom into my own little spa.

Playtime– No one is around, No one is around to judge you, might as well play. I play games with my kids, play on my phone and just take some time to act like a child. Having fun and being silly will lift your mood. Have fun! Build a fort to read in, play catch in the backyard, sing songs literally just do something that makes you smile.

Getting your physical on– I have been getting out to walk. I just had a baby 5 weeks ago. That being said I still try to get out and take a walk at least 3 days a week. Getting out to get some sunshine is so important especially for me since I suffer from seasonal depression. I need that sun!!

Learn a new hobby– ironically enough during this time I have decided to try to work on my public speaking. Probably not the coolest hobby to learn but I am trying to broaden my skills to help my career. You can pick anything that will keep your attention away from Instagram. LOL!

Call people– this is a great time to go old school and actually call people. Take back your inner high school days of being grounded and sneak away and call your friends. A very good friend of mine and I call one another to just talk, complain and connect even 100’s of miles away. This is so good for you to feel you can socialize without concerning yourself with social distance.

Write it down– Take time to write and journal this time. It can be therapeutic to write down your feelings.

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