Quarantine Has Taught Me…

Even though I am so over this covid/ quarantine time there has been some things I am learning during this time. Here’s to making things more positive during this trying time.

Days don’t count moments do! Too many times a week I find myself asking “Wait… what day is it?” I am always missing something a time or a meeting or dinner simply because we are wrapped up spend time with those who matter most. I have felt my family bond becoming stronger. I have gotten to spend time loving more on my kids and spending quality time with my husband without the pressure of getting out of the house to the next activity.

There’s no escaping the things I have to do. Before all this madness I would put off the things I should do for another day. Before quarantine I would skip out on my household chores and put off my writings. I definitely got my dishes done and my house vacuumed more frequently. But now even better than that I find myself fixing things in my home and I even published my first book. Quarantine has given me the time to actually make a published author of myself.

Zoom gloom seriously is a thing! I miss people I miss giving people hugs or high-fives. I definitely value human interaction a lot more now than I ever did. After quarantine is over I know that I will be investing more in my friendships and my family relationships.

I’m not defined by a job! After five years of working for the same company I was furloughed. I had no clue what I was going to define myself as. My husband asked me do you want to be a stay at home mother. And even though I love stay at home mothers I can tell you I was not meant to be one. I decided there was going to be another name for me and it was going to be published author. So after five years I jumped and decided my job was no longer going to define who I was. I now am defining myself as a motivational author. The greatest thing is I am now helping other people not be defined by their jobs and make their big dreams their reality!

I’m making my own way! Since quarantine we have all become very different. It seems there are no social norms anymore. I am now making my life the way that I want to. I am excited for the future and learning from my past. I no longer have to be part of a circle of people who judge me or don’t believe in my dreams! Quarantine has taught me only I can do this.

I’m stronger than I knew! Quarantine has taught me how to be a strong woman. I published a book about making your dreams your reality and now I’m writing a book that that is all about being a phoenix and rising from your ashes. I believe that in these days we have stood up to what we know is right. We have taken care of one another during high stress situations and we have come together and will emerge from this hard time a stronger people.

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