Surviving Spooky Season Stuck in Quarantine

October is finally upon us. One of my favorite times of the year where our spooky side comes f out and my children and I really have a blast doing all things Halloween. This year looks a little bit different as we all know quarantine is wrecking everythingk we know and love so in the Halloween spirit not being completely lost I figured I’d gather some ideas that I am doing for me and my family to help t can us celebrate a little bit more during this hard time.

Spooky baskets: This is a brand new tradition for my family. Think of Easter baskets but filled with Halloween goodies. I got my girls little things to help them celebrate the spooky month. You can include things like Halloween clothing items, candy, small toys or anything that you or your family love to celebrate Halloween with.

Ghost someone: Ghost someone the fun way. Share surprise with a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. Give a little spooky gift or bake some cookies. Sign it from you’ve been ghosted on a cute little note. It will really be a fun way to teach kids a giveback.

Spooky movie nights: My family and I love Halloween movies. Our favorites include Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghostbusters, and Beetlejuice. We stay up late and watch our beloved movies eating popcorn and candy corns. We also love making spooky cocktails and having coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. Having yummy snacks and spooky movies is definitely a must this year.

Halloween playlist: Making a Halloween playlist is as easy as popping on to your favorite music app and writing Halloween. Creating a list is fun for both me and my kids. There are so many fun Halloween movies that have produced so many Halloween fun songs. My list grows each year and I’m really excited to add some more fun ones even this year.

Decorate: this year like every year I do decorate for Halloween. But with being in quarantine I feel like I am decorating even more. Since we are all stuck in the house I have invested in more things for my kids to enjoy here at the house. Even if you are by yourself I definitely encourage making your home a little bit more spooky this year just because we aren’t going out and enjoying more of the fun things this holiday has to offer.

Sweet deals: IHOP, Papa John’s and Chipotle are expected to resurrect their themed pancakes, Jack-O’-Lantern pizza and boo-rito! Krispy Kreme announced that on Halloween, guests in costumes will receive a free doughnut of choice, and that every Saturday from October 10 through Halloween, customers can get a $1 Sweet-or-Treat dozen, which includes a special-edition Jack-o’-Lantern Doughnut.

Drive through: do your research and find out if there are drive through hauntings and Halloween parties. There could be even a drive-through pumpkin patch. In this weird time lots of places are tailoring their experiences to the quarantine life and you may end up finding something you and your family could love.

Pumpkin patch: Even though quarantine is going on a lot of pumpkin patches are hosting guests still. Just be prepared to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer. There will be a select number to enter most likely.

Virtual scare rooms: Even though we might not be able to go to scare rooms there are a slew of people hosting virtual scare rooms. Here is a list of a few that will help you have a virtual spooky time. There is even a free Harry Potter escape room (which totally will win me points with my middle daughter.)

Send a spooky Cameo greeting: this year has been quite different from any other years. Stars are coming out and helping with cameos. You can send a fun greeting, funny joke, or just say hey how are you doing to somebody. Here’s the website to use to get in touch with your favorite Halloween star. Sending a spooky greeting would be loads of fun for anyone.

Have a pumpkin carving party: Each year I don’t have time to carve pumpkins it seems to be something that I push off to the very end. This year is quite different we plan on doing a pumpkin carving night right in the middle of October so that we have fun pumpkins to celebrate the year. Even though this is a daunting task it’s something that we definitely have time for this year. I can’t wait to roast the seeds and eat yummy pumpkin seeds this year.

Halloween piñata: Kids may not get to trick-or-treat in some places this year but a great way to get candy in a fun time would be to host a cute little Halloween party for your kids. Having a Halloween piñata could be a fun way to earn candy.

Halloween school: If your kids aren’t sick of virtual school… congratulations! For the kids that have a love of learning I want to do something fun there is Halloween school. You can learn so many things like make up, chemistry and so much more all Halloween themed.

Learn about Halloween: we may not be able to travel the globe we can learn about it. Celebrate other traditionsCelebrate these other traditions, and consider cooking or baking traditional foods and making crafts associated with those international events. A great movie to help celebrate this is The Halloween Tree it educates and celebrates the origins and influencers of Halloween around the world. The movie is based on the novel by Ray Bradbury, and he even narrates the film. (Also there is a nod to The Halloween Tree in Disneyland, it’s my favorite Halloween decoration.)

Zoom-a-ween: This is the year of the Zoom. In the nature of Halloween why not take to Zoom and host a Halloween party with your friends. You can carve pumpkins have a Halloween costume contest and do so much more. I would suggest making a Halloween cocktail and making Halloween treats as well.

During this hard time there are a ton of things you can still do to have Halloween fun. Hope this helps you this year have a scary good time this Halloween season.

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