Amazing Shark Facts to Make You Love Them

I know there is Shark Week but in my house it tends to be an all year thing. People always ask me why I’m so obsessed with sharks and it’s a very simple reason they are incredible creatures who are at the brink of extinct. They need our help.

Finding Nemo Chum, Anchor and Bruce are such awesome sharks. We need this back story! Great positive sharks that could educate the younger generation.

It’s not a new concept that we need to care for our oceans and all the bieings that live in them. Its also not a new concept that I am completely utterly obsesed with sharks. Sharks are in real trouble, nearly one-third of sharks are at risk of extinction. These creatures are incedible and should be saved. Please do your research and find out more about these wonderful creatures but until then here’s a quick read of some really great facts I just love about sharks.

  1. Some sharks don’t need males to breed.
  2. Sharks’ only bones are their teeth.
  3. Sharks can’t get cavities. (That’s the reality for makos and tiger sharks, whose teeth are naturally coated in fluoride.)
  4. Some sharks can live up to 400 years.
  5. Unborn sharks can protect themselves from predators.
  6. Sharks can smell a drop of blood from hundreds of meters away.
  7. The ancient megalodon shark weighed as much as 140,000 pounds.
  8. Sharks have three eyelids, but they never blink.
  9. Sharks can’t sleep.
  10. Bull sharks have the unique ability to survive in fresh and saltwater.

My last fact and this is a big one…..

Sharks and humans share a common ancestor.

Unbelievable, right? But it’s true. The acanthodes bronni is actually the descendant of all jawed species. About 420 million years ago, this jawed fish branched into two different families, one of which would remain cartilaginous and go on to birth sharks as we know them. The other would become bony fish, which would eventually make way for the evolution of man.

Hopefully, this is is a great start to get you interested in these great creatures.. they really could use us all taking care of them and watching out for their survival.

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