Made My Dream into My Reality

9 years ago I had a dream… my dream was to be a published author. I told people I wanted to be an author. I told people I wanted to write a book. But no words got onto the page. Eventually I started to write through my crazy life it took almost 4 years. It took an additional four years to rework it and make it to where it was today. I felt like a failure. I decided I had enough, I decided enough is enough I was done talking and I was ready for action. I created the book in less than a month and published it. I am now a published author….Let me type that again I am now a published author!!! As I type this I am in tears.

These books are like my babies. But if I did not share it I could not get to say I am a published author. I had to man up and make this happen. Scared out of my mind and not knowing what to do I cried many nights. With people by my side and manage to do what I had dreamed of I made a book that hopefully will help someone someday. I made a book that definitely helped me organize my life to achieve my big dreams.

For those who have not seen yet my books are both in kindle and paperback formats. I wrote them as a short read with journaling questions to tailor the book to the reader. It’s an easy way to focus your life to make your big dreams come true. I call the first book Living Your Life in Plan B-Z because plan A is what you wish for when you grow up. The second is Living Your Life As A Phoenix. This book was written during the pandemic and is meant to help you rise from the ashes after hardships. Both books help you to be happy in your big dreams even when life hands you plans B-Z or during the hardest times. I hope my reader will enjoy this tailored experience that they can use to help make their dreams come true!

Living Your Life in Plan B-Z (The Living Series)

Living Your Life As A Phoenix

Both books available on Amazon

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