Holiday Stress

It’s no secret that the holidays are serious stresses for everyone. Whether you have children or extended family that you are trying to please you feel the stress so much more during this “most wonderful time of the year.” Don’t forget that there are no rules when it comes to the holidays and each year can look completely different from the rest. Here are some of the things I do to help lessen my stress especially the week before Christmas and New Year’s.

1. I have learned to say no. No matter if it’s extra time with family or making extra food sometimes you just can’t do everything. I have learned the word no to simply save my sanity when it comes to family and friends and celebrations. Putting my mental health before everything I have to do has helped me sane during this insane time.

2. Prioritize your things to do. If you learn to prioritize your ever-growing holiday list you can understand what’s really important and what can be put aside if you can’t get to it right away. I always label my holiday things to do from most needed like buying food and wrapping presents to least needed as making a gingerbread house or making sure the house has lights all over it may not be important. Make you list check it twice and don’t worry if it all doesn’t get done.

3. Take time to celebrate you. As a busy mama I am usually the last to take care of on my Christmas to do list. Last year during the pandemic I knew it was important to take time for me. Even if it’s as simple as drinking a shower beer or cocktail and a nice warm shower by yourself. Other ideas include to caring for you as may be buying yourself a little something or taking some time to pamper yourself like a manicure or pedicure. Do whatever feels great for you you deserve a little Christmas or holiday pampering.

4. Know that the holidays are tough but my dear so are you. No matter what your holiday looks like it seems that this year is tough for everybody. Whether you have a family or by yourself whether you are taking care of somebody or forced to work long hours this time can be very hard. Keep in mind that this time will pass and it’s honestly a very short time in the rest of the year. I know this can be difficult but remember you can definitely get through this. Holiday stress will pass and soon we will be embarking on a brand new year full of renewal and endless possibilities. Stay strong.

Remember that the holidays are a short time and it will all be over soon. Whether that’s good information or bad information it will simply happen. In a couple short weeks it will be the new year, take time and make those memories. Harness your inner superhero and even indulge your inner grinch but remember you will get through it.

A real look at my holiday to do pile. My list is in the background full of a month’s tasks to accomplish by Christmas Eve.

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