Reality of the New Year

Here’s the thing… it’s a new year. It’s exciting, it’s nerve racking, it’s crazy and each year we make it through. It doesn’t matter if you’re like me and trying to make all your resolutions come true or you are just trying to survive another year here are some ways to make the most of the new year.

Try to stay positive. I’m not asking you to be a cheerleader for this insane time but it definitely makes it easier not to go into doomsday as we embark on the new year. I get it after the year we had it’s super hard to become positive. Try to find small happy ones or take time to make some fun moments for yourself, friends and family.

Just be nice. Guys listen, we are going through hard times. We all are going through hard times. Just be nice and be kind to people. If it’s people at the store, your own family or other friends. There is so much hate in the world lately people are so quick to drop you off the face of the earth. This year has been crazy for me and my family so many friends physically lost and so many emotionally lost. All I’m saying at the end of the day is just be kind to one another and you’ll find yourself a lot happier.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you can accomplish not what others can. Stop comparing yourself to others and do exactly what you know you can do. Some days I literally can’t do anything there other days I accomplish lists and become the most perfect wife and mother ever. Don’t sell yourself short on any day that you don’t accomplish everything. There are going to be highs and there are going to be lows and you’re going to get through them all.

Make room for joy! There are so many dark days that you will be saving yourself when you step into the sunshine and at least take a day to head up to the mountain or head down to the beach and just be you and have joy. Even if it’s just sitting in your happy place and just having a few moments to yourself.

Be the person you want to be friends with. Have a little time and a little patience with everybody. Save those joyful moments. Better yourself a little bit along the way… love everybody a little bit more. I think this will make for a better 2022 and a better you at the end of the year.

I want you to know that you are exactly the most perfect person for your world. I believe in you and the big dreams you have for this year and years after. Your dreams are given to you for a reason. Your resolutions are given to you for a reason. They are given to you to make come true. I believe in you and making whatever dreams you have your reality. ❤️💛🧡✨

Cheers to you better in 2022
Happy new year from my little family to you!

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