New Month Productive You

Even though it is April 1 a new month is no joke. If you’re anything like me you have spent the last month “slacking off” and I’m not gonna lie sometimes I do feel like I need a month to really not do any new projects. Unfortunately, somebody like me with big hopes and dreams has to constantly keep working and order to be happy with her life. I I wanted you to know that you are not alone and give you some things that you can do to help make this month better than the last. Here are some easy ways to stay productive even at home.

My work from home office

1. Work out a schedule.

Whether you are working early mornings or late nights if you are at home it is very hard to come up with a schedule. Try your hardest to be flexible but stay in a time schedule that is relatively the same every day.

2. Have a set work space.

Set up a work space you feel comfortable with it could be a desk set up in your room or you are working at the table in your dining room set up a workspace that you go to to perform your tasks. Sitting in front of the television usually can have many distractions. I know sometimes this might be easier said than done but have a space for you to work your but off!

3. Be comfortable but efficient.

Make sure you look for a chair that has good lumbar support and a good sturdy desk with lots of light or some thing that you may be comfortable in this is very important to an efficient yet working from home environment.

4. Take breaks.

Throughout your day make sure you are taking time to hydrate, eat and enjoy a little bit of your day. I also like to go outside and get some sunlight throughout my day when I’m feeling shut in consumed with work. This helps me feel better about working so hard.

5. Hide distractions or hide from them.

When you work from home distractions are everywhere. The TV could be on, your kids could be running around playing or simply your cell phone could be a true distraction make sure to hide or hide from anything that could be distracting during a work week.

6. Make a to do list.

This is how I get most of my things done. I am a list person I write everything down and then when I can mark it off I get so excited. I know it sounds lame but find what makes you happy and do it because in this life that’s all we have.

7. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Try not to take on too much in your day. Not only are you trying to accomplish things you are doing them on top of things you already have to do. Try to stick to 3 to 5 extra things a day to be most productive.

8. Listen to music.

Listening to music or podcasts can help you stay on top of things I definitely recommend putting together a productive playlist so that you can stay up in spirit and get the things that you need to.

9. Reward yourself.

On days or months that you are most productive make sure you are taking time to reward yourself. Go hang out with your friends, have a glass of wine, go somewhere that you have always wanted to do something fun.

10. Take care of you and your family first.

No matter what work will get itself done somehow make sure you are taking time for you and your family if you are not feeling well or things are harder make sure to take it slow.

I believe in you and all the great work you will be doing!

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