How to celebrate Shark Week with Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of year in my household that’s right it’s Shark Week! Shark week is coming this Saturday, July 24. We are so excited in our home!

Although, we tend to celebrate sharks all year and then have a concentrated shark month I am aware that most people only celebrate shark week so here’s some ideas to celebrate with your kids or just if you feel like being a kid at heart

  1. Head to the Aquarium. Most aquariums have tons of sharks in them why not visit your local sharks and say hello. This is also a really great place to learn about local conservation.
  2. Track Sharks Around the Globe. An incredible company called Fahlo Includes tracking when you buy a bracelet. Use code Jamie20 to save more
  3. Adopt a Shark. I have adopted many of sharks for a shark week celebrating my favorites include my local aquarium and Shark angels
  4. Read Up on Sharks. There are so many incredible books on shark education and even entertaining shark books. We have a ton of my favorite books that include great information on these fascinating creatures.
  5. Dance to Baby Shark. Yes the song is super annoying and tends to get stuck in your head but let’s be real it’s a positive shark start to any baby shark lover.
  6. Make Shark Treats. If you can’t be super creative just buy a bag of gummy shark candies and literally add them to everything! It works when I’m super busy.
  7. Hunt for Shark Teeth on the Beach. If you are lucky to head to the beach and find some shark teeth consider yourself very lucky. If you don’t have a beach close by make a fun time by putting a bunch of sharks in the bathtub and improvising lol if you do end up going to the beach make sure to do a cleanup as well our Sharkey friends don’t need your plastic.
  8. Binge Shark Week Shows. This one is a no-brainer but if you have a hard time then dredging the shows with all these activities do what I do record them all and make shark week and all year long experience.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful shark week and please encourage you to do many things with your children sharks becoming more and more extinct and in our children’s generation they may not be here. That’s a very scary thought because they keep our oceans clean and help the environment so much. Like I was saying do your research and find out what works for your family. Happy Shark Week my friends!

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