Say ALOE to My Little friend

pexels-photo-824860.jpegIf you have ever been to my home you know I love aloe. This plant is in big pots in my front and I use it daily. I have seen many lists on how to use aloe but this one is how my family and I use this wonderful little succulent. I am no doctor just a mom who has brought up using this and loves the low cost natural healing of the Aloe Vera plant for me and my family.  Here are 10 ways to start using Aloe in your own home.



  1. treating sunburns from too much play time sun
  2. itchy skin relief just had to be scratched
  3. skin mask to prevent stupid pimples
  4. over wounds to prevent scaring
  5. anti-aging cause this mom hates wrinkles (I heard Cleopatra did this, Why not copy a queen?!)
  6. brighten skin preventing dark spots
  7. when I run out of makeup remover
  8. rash and insect bite soothing
  9. moisturizing  dry skin
  10. cold sore relief

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