Why we decided to get married at Disneyland

This post was originally written for the blog This Fairy Tale Life   http://thisfairytalelife.com/


From as far back as I can remember, I have always had a special place in my heart for Disney. Never did I think that a part of Disneyland would become my very own fairy tale wedding.

When I met my now fiancé I was on vacation/ work trip at Disneyland. To make a long story short, I was having a hard time in my life and I decided to go have a cocktail before going back to my overwhelming reality. I was enjoying my night at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar and little did I know my future husband was at the table next to mine. We talked that night and promised to keep in touch as I went back to Washington. Over the next few months, we fell for one another and as my life in Washington was coming to a stop and California was calling to me. So, I made the hardest jump and move of my life. With a suitcase and dream I moved down to California to chase the dreams I tried to accomplish my whole life. As soon as I moved down here the Disney Company hired me, starting in attractions and now in entertainment later. Ironically Ash started working for Disney as well but as a bartender. My life was hard and full of many obstacles but through it all I had my amazing fiancé Ash right by my side. When times were particularly hard we went back to where it all started, Trader Sam’s, to reconnect fall more in love. There we would laugh, chant with the enchanted staff, and reminisce of that wonderful night we met.  On busy days at Trader Sam’s we would get to-go items and picnic over at the Rose Court Garden right around the corner. There was something so special about these quiet moments that we spent in our magical spot. We would talk, dance and pretend that this small part of Disney was ours.  It was almost like the Rose Court Garden was our own little club house and it made us feel like we were the only two in the park.


One magical night Ash popped the question that I was eagerly anticipating. He chose to propose to me at the Rose Court Garden because of the above reasons. He pulled out all the stops and was beyond romantic. I felt like a princess. This was one of my Cinderella moments, another chapter of my fairy tale, as he slipped his great grandmother’s ring on my finger. I was beyond excited to become my soulmate’s bride that I couldn’t start planning our wedding fast enough. Imagine my excitement when my fiancé brought up that we could get married at Disney!!!! Ash is unlike most grooms, he had already looked our spots, been in touch with a Disney wedding planner, and came up with a budget that would fit our needs. From there we chose to get married at the sight of our proposal and have our reception at the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion at the Disneyland Hotel.

img_8226Disney has become a little piece of our home. We consider parts of the parks our home away from home.  Since I have now have lived in California for a little over two years, Ash has lived here most of his life, and both of us working for the Disney company it made sense in the planning to have it here.  Unfortunately, our wedding is a destination wedding for over half the guests. We understand that this is a hardship for some but we have given a year notice and are working with everyone to find good deals on travel expenses. Most of our travelers are also turning our wedding into a vacation. We want our guests to not only enjoy our wedding but enjoy Southern California and Disney as well.

Deciding on Disney as our wedding site has been an unique experience. I have been thankful for the Disney brides before me and the fact that my fiancé and I had a clear vision of what we wanted for our day. The Disney Fairy tale Wedding staff were very supportive and have been true fairy godparents. I feel beyond blessed that my fiancé made this dream come true. Our wedding was on February 28, 2018.

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