Bad Mom Guide to Surviving the Second Trimester

Okay we… me survived the second trimester of pregnancy. This is by far my easiest trimester. I wasn’t so big I was uncomfortable. I had no more morning sickness. I was felt like I had more-ish energy, well most days. The second trimester brought a lot of joy as well. I could feel the baby move more. I had so much fun showing off my little bump and most of my clothes still fit. I had a few cravings and my husband was very quick to help me out in them. Here was some of the things I did to survive it as I now prepare to move to the third and most horrific trimester, Bad Mom style of course.

Invest in maternity clothes… eff that leggings and hoodies! I hate maternity clothes most are dated looking and make you look even bigger. I wore mostly leggings and comfy oversized sweaters and hoodies. I am not going to invest in clothes I won’t wear when I finally get my body back.acs_0085

The body pillow is your new husband… so I don’t suffocate my real husband. I love my husband. I don’t wan to kill him but our cuddle times had to stop at night so I wouldn’t suffocate him in our sleep. Instead I got a body pillow this helped so my right and left sides could maintain feeling. I seriously miss sleeping on my stomach.

Get all the shit you need. I know what you are thinking. “But Jamie, I’m going to have a shower.” Well take it from a mom of soon to be 3 people won’t buy you what you need they will buy you what they want. It’s up to you to buy what you need.

Get all the shit you want. See above. I am having my 3rd girl and even though I have never dressed any of my girls in all pink nor did they have a pink nursery but you will find so many people will be buying you so much pink frilly girly things. I am choosing green and neutral colors for my spring baby so I am buying her things I want her in and want her to have.

acs_0086Make mom friends. No one will get you more than other moms. I joined a MOPS group and found so many cool moms going through the same things as me. I also touched out to more mom friends on social media. I made it a point to re-getting to know them. It was great too because they gave me so much for

Kill your social life. You literally can’t drink. You are tired all the time. And you are probably farting way more that you can explain. Your social life will naturally decline. Who wants to be the only sober person at a bar or party?! All my cute clothes don’t fit and I’m not buying expensive maternity clothes I will never wear again. In my second trimester all I wanted to do is sit home with a bowl of whatever junk food on my stomach and eat. Social life who needs it? I feel like Tina Fey on 30 Rock.  See below30 rock

Eat junk food- Get fat… speaking of staying home and having no social life. Here I sit writing. Why?! I’m no fun anymore because I’m pregnant. I also have been eating my kids Halloween and Christmas candy and chips… and cookies.. and cake.. and… well you get the picture. I’m eating a ton. Its all I got. I can’t trash my body with large amounts of caffeine and alcohol so food is the next best thing. I am eating for two as they say. acs_0091

Drink coffee it won’t kill you. Okay, I know this one may get some people but I do drink caffeine. I have to. I am a mom of two (one of which is a crazy teenager.) I work I hold down the house I have 3 animals and a husband to all focus my attention on… and momma needs her coffee. My suggestion, back down not back off or you will kill people.

Drink H20 or blow up like a puffer fish. Okay last one… drink your damn water!!! It will make you feel better. This trimester I find myself super dehydrated. I calculated how much I needed to drink, went on Amazon and purchased a cute water bottle in those ounces. I feel so much better.

Second trimester done in like 3 days and the final count down is upon me. Here’s to not sleeping, saying goodbye to my feet, gaining more weight and making/ meeting my 3rd amazing girl! (God help me now!)

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